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April 2020

  PURCHASE  MODULE   Purchase is an act of buying products, services, raw material, spare parts from vendor for an organization. The purchasing process can vary from one organization to another but there are some common key elements. Odoo is flexible software you can map your processes onto it using its functionalities to configure required process for your organization. In odoo, the purchase module works by installing app from “ODOO APPS”....

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  The word Odoo is the acronym of On-Demand Open Object. Odoo has built its community for interaction and connecting socially with its end users, managers, support agents, consultants, and partners.   Odoo evaluated the suggestions made by its community and resulted in advancements in odoo 14 formulating it more easy and time-saving. Expected to release in October,2020...

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  Product is an essential object! Every business runs on product or products. A product can be a service too. A product is the item offered for sale, purchase or to be used in manufacturing etc. Product can be in physical or in virtual form. Product type determines how the product will be managed in stock management. Specify your Product Name. Mark it as: Can be Sold Can...

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